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Published on 2020-04-09   |   Riflessioni
Don't be put off by the

I am developing a series of strange fixations and compulsions that will make my interminable day fall less long. In fact, passing time without losing it in the void of abysmal boredom has become nothing short of my obsession.



  • Always get up at the same time
  • Wash and get dressed
  • To clean
  • To work
  • If you don't have a job, invent one
  • If you don't have inventiveness, copy someone who has it
  • Always start this activity at the same time
  • Prepare lunch
  • To clean the kitchen
  • A little fun
  • Do some physical activity
  • Prepare dinner
  • To clean
  • Wash
  • Reading, movies, TV series ...
  • Good night


Because everything changes based on:

  • How many people you are at home
  • If you are alone
  • If you have young children
  • If you have teenage children
  • If you have a pet
  • If you are unemployed
  • If you have become one

..... Ok we have too many variables. My analytical mind is going into conflict with the awareness that I am drowning thinking about every possible scenario. Anyone who knows me knows that I could have each of you tell your day and organize it better.


Let's start with the intellectual honesty that I cannot betray right here, where I have always talked about my holiday homes with transparency, following the strict rule of scrupulously describing them in a truthful and transparent way and of revealing, however uninteresting, my personal point of view on different aspects of living and traveling.


If I rely on sincerity, I respect two points... On which, in fact, I have often focused my attention: cleaning and washing 😂... Because this is me, an observer of hygiene, disinfection, clean clothes, sheets that smell of laundry! I haven't changed much except that, being always at home, I have become even more methodical and exhausted... I have re-cataloged and labeled all my daughter's games, the wardrobes of all the components of the house and those in common.
And I repeat these actions and repeat them and repeat them.
I am among those who do not have a job at the moment... So, having always studied in life, I started again.
Online courses of various kinds ... But I can not be programmatic as advice to do to those around me. But I'm trying. Also because I paid for the courses and therefore I should make them bear fruit.


Here a vast world opens up, and if you just try to think about it ... you laugh ... Because incredible peaks of madness are being reached. Speaking for me I have a 4 year old daughter and a lot of nephews (online) of all ages, let's say that from 4 to 21 are all there. The seniors in the family are 74 and up and "we", the parent class, are between 40 and 52.
We have created multiple chats

  • The one with the younger uncles (which would be me and Ric)
  • The one with the smart uncles (Ric and his brother) who take rigorously prize-winning mathematical and logic quizzes
  • The one that unites ALL, which goes without saying, is a delusion of photos, recipes, quizzes for all minds, motivational videos, fake videos and all that jazz.


If I am called every five minutes to play Ben and Holly, if the phone (with which I do this job and follow the instagram page) and I don't know if it will last much longer (and the mere thought of changing it oppresses me, because I don't want to change nothing else) and if my already hyper-receptive mind normally is now in a sort of alienating captivity?



  • YOU who read me, answer me, call me,  follow me and make me feel a little good and a little useful in what I do.
  • The fact that this emergency more than anything else has put me in trouble.
  • The thought that all my loved ones, scattered throughout Italy, are doing well.
  • Gratitude to life for giving me an adaptogenic head and full (even too much) of ideas
  • The love for this vacation rental job that had just started and was leaving will be a stop and not an end! FOR EVERYONE! let's put it on our heads


I don't follow practically any of the points that are recommended to follow to maintain a pseudo sanity ... I miss the last one that is "GOOD NIGHT" .. Because I fall asleep at two in the morning and consequently I wake up late with the hopeful eyes of Giuly who says to me: "you woke up early and worked in bed so then we play ... right ???"
I will still be good at reorganizing and optimizing as in the past ... but now as my dear friend / sister psychologist pointed out to me, we must accept the extraordinary nature of the facts and our human confusion.
So I reply to Giuly: "Yes, sweetheart, I worked very well and I am all for you ♥ ️".
I take an antacid for gastritis, I swallow it with coffee, which is a medical contradiction, and I smile.

  • Don't be put off by the  - Riflessioni - Comments - Blog - Le case di Giuly

    Siete fantastici, mi date sempre un motivo per sorridere. Grazie e serena Pasqua. Un abbraccio

  • Don't be put off by the  - Riflessioni - Comments - Blog - Le case di Giuly

    Inziamo così ho un bimbo di due anni ed un cane.. mio marito è fuori per lavoro tutto il giorno e quindi in questa quarantena siamo noi 3 🤦🏻‍♀️.. mi conosci già e sono una parucchiera e lavorare da casa mi rimane un po' difficile ma cerco comunque di mantenermi attiva con i social per quanto riguarda il lavoro e ho seguito un corso online per non spegnermi...adoro leggere i tuoi blog, praticamente con quello che scrivi descrivi quasi o tutte le mie giornate, e ovviamente neanche io seguo tutti i punti... alcuni punti che rispetto sono svegliarmi sempre alla solita ora e molto presto... mi cambio tutte le mattine non rimaniamo mai in pigiama avvolte mi trucco anche...attività fisica diciamo non molta fino a che mio figlio non si stufa... ma facciamo molto yoga e lui si diverte molto... coloriamo molto e giochiamo con macchine e camioncini... i punti che non seguo sono solo leggere e la buonanotte che praticamente non c'è mai... forse non è vero l unica cosa che leggo sono i tuoi blog...grazie per l amore che trasmetti in tutto quello che dici e fai

  • Don't be put off by the  - Riflessioni - Comments - Blog - Le case di Giuly

    Mi piace l'idea dello Stop. In formula uno si fa un veloce pit stop per un cambio gomme e via. Più veloci di prima. È questa la metafora da seguire. Andremo più veloci. Saremo migliori. Per me vale sempre: buonanotte. Mi aspetta un buon libro.

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