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Published on 2020-04-23   |   Riflessioni
Travel vs Holiday

Travel vs Holiday

  • Let's give a definition
    TRAVEL: enter the heart and way of living the place that the local inhabitants have.

    HOLIDAY: bring our ways of doing, our habits, what we like with us to another place.

    Are we at opposites or are we halfway between the two in covid time?

This summer, whether we want it or not, all of us operators in the tourism sector should slow down our work rates with a consequent decrease in economic revenues and personal satisfaction levels. Yes, because many do not know it but our work is undoubtedly a source of life in practical terms but it is also made of the pleasure that comes from welcoming and receiving compliments and appreciation for our choices in terms of furniture, attention to the customer, gratitude for our ability to make guests feel at home, not to mention the sharing of life stories that translate into personal growth and self-esteem, therefore I translate: source of life for our soul.

Whoever welcomes you into your home makes a very special gesture which is to get naked in front of others by sharing what is proper and intimate.

Those who choose a holiday home, a b & b, a guesthouse are in fact "traveling" and are not looking for a "holiday", they want to experience your home, your personal conception of everyday life and maybe they want to share with you their vision of the life perhaps diametrically opposite to yours or perhaps very similar.

What will change this summer

We are all asking ourselves, we are all massacring ourselves to make us come up with the most appropriate ideas for the moment. But starting from the initial reflections, or rather from the distinction between travel and holiday and between the intent of the sector operator and the user of the holiday home, I personally find a great segment in which to act.

Then maybe I'm an incurable positive but I start from the assumption that the operators of the tourism sector in Italy are truly among the best in the world and in terms of attention and adaptability they only have to teach. And as far as tourists are concerned, this profile and for some time, his profile is destined to change markedly. And not only for the wallet (undoubtedly also for that, but it is so obvious that it is that I want my point of view elsewhere) but precisely for the mental form.

Profile of the tourist

Who decides to move this summer will be the "traveler" who by definition seeks a deep sharing and an authentic connection with the places he visits and with the people he meets, who knows how to adapt to changes and who does not fear them, who loves what is different and finds new challenges in difficulties and always seizes opportunities. He will not be able to turn his gaze to exotic places and will turn him close to home, perhaps rediscovering his very first travel destinations and sharing his vision of life with others. Those who are afraid will not travel ... but those who are afraid maybe this summer will speak to a traveler who, due to the diversity of their intentions, they had never met before and will start their journey.

I believe it.


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